A gift to NYC from artist Jim Rennert, THINK BIG aims to remind us that the “American Dream”
is very much alive and available to all who seek it.

Having had a challenging career in business, Rennert made the decision
to take on a new career as an artist over 20 years ago.  

Over those years, his positive thinking, which is evident in the subjects of his sculptures,
has helped him to succeed as an artist and gain the attention of collectors world-wide.

In fact, the original concept for the THINK BIG sculpture was just 2 inches tall.  

Now at a towering 12 feet tall, THINK BIG is evidence that you can
accomplish great things by thinking positively. 

Think Big and other works by Jim Rennert, reflect the artist’s theme that ‘business is the sport of a lifetime’.

Rennert hopes this sculpture will serve as inspiration for all of those
who see it to Think Big and accomplish dreams of their own.

View the entire collection of Jim Rennert’s Sculptures at www.jimrennert.com

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Visitors to the sculpture are encouraged to upload photos using the hashtag #DoYouThinkBig

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